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Screen Printed Lanyards

Screen printing is more durable than hot stamping, but also more expensive. The reason for the added expense has to do mostly with labor and time. Screen printed lanyards are typically printed one at a time using manual labor. After the material is printed heat must be applied to dry the wet ink. Whereas, hot stamped lanyards are typically run on an automated printing machine with minimal labor and since the imprint is transferred from a color film there is no drying step.

The durability of screen printed lanyards makes them great for everyday use in business, schools and security services. With screen printing the imprint is transferred to the material by squeezing ink through a very fine "screen" mesh which embodies the imprint information. The enhanced durability of this type of imprinting method is due to a greater amount of color applied to the material. Even greater durability of a screen printed imprint can be achieved by using a curing agent or catalyst mixed in with the ink which acts to harden the ink even further when dried.

The most common lanyard materials used for screen printing are nylon and cotton from 3/8" to 1.0". the most common width is 3/4". Smooth surfaces allow for finer detail to show up and work best for all printing methods. Woven Soflex nylon has the smoothest surface. For cotton a twill construction is most commonly used.

Screen printed lanyards are typically printed in one or two colors on one or both sides. Single-sided printing is most common and more cost effective.

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