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Lanyard Styles

Here we explain the most common imprinting methods for custom printed neck lanyards. Each of the methods has it's advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of lanyard imprinting methods is typically governed by your budget, application and material being imprinted. For example, for those on a tight budget would do best with hot stamped custom lanyards. Hot stamping is the least expensive printing method. It's also the least durable and best for short term applications such as tradeshows and events. Other lanyard styles dictates and also limits the possible imprinting methods. For example, plastic badge reels use either pad printing or full color process printing to apply the image. The latter is more expensive, but has the advantage of multi-color imprints and durability.

Hot Stamping

The most economical. Some limitations regarding imprint color and material combinations.

Screen Printing

More durable than hot stamping and costs more. Many more ink/material color combinations possible.

Full Color

Reproduces artwork in full color. Full color or four color process printing is used primarily for custom printed badge reels, retractable lanyards and dog tag lanyards

Laser Engraving

Marks metal using a high energy beam of light. Used for custom imprinting anodized aluminum dog tag lanyards. Fine detail possible with all imprints showing up white.


Used for stamping letters, numbers and some special characters in to stainless steel dog tag lanyards. Same method used by the US armed forces.

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