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Lanyard Hooks

J-Hooks, Bulldog Clips and Split Rings

As mentioned earlier, the most basic neck lanyard is a cord or beaded chain with a snaphook or bulldog clip for attaching a small object. Along with material choices there are many lanyard hardware attachment options. And as with material selection, the application typically dictates the choice of hardware as well. The most common and useful lanyard hardware are J-Hooks, bulldog clips and split rings.

Lanyard Snap Hooks

J-Hooks are by far the most common and useful. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes both non-swivel and swivel (swivel allows the attached object to rotate). They open by applying pressure to one side and close via tension on the bent metal. J-Hooks are essential for attaching badge holders with round attachment holes, keys, pens, cell phones, pens, lip balm and other small objects.

Lanyard Bulldog Clips

Bulldog Clips are designed to attach to badge holders with an oblong hole at the top and are thus the least versatile lanyard hardware attachment. They work by squeezing one end which causes the other end to open via a spring mechanism. also referred to as spring clips. They are available in a variety of sizes for both cord and flat lanyard material.

Lanyard Spit Rings

Split rings are used primarily for attaching keys as well as badge reels for retractable lanyards.  They are also used when the badge holder has a bulldog clip already attached. In this case, the badge holder is clipped on to the split ring via the bulldog clip.  Solid o-rings can also be used in this application as well as for attaching badge reels.

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