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Breakaway Connectors

Lanyard Breakaway Connectors

Safety at work and play is becoming more of a concern. Historically, lanyards have been made as one continuous loop that goes around your neck. Obviously, if the lanyard gets snagged you've got some problems.

The answer to this problem is a breakaway connector.

Breakaway lanyards also know as safety lanyards will come off your neck when enough force (a firm tug) is applied. The breakaway mechanism is typically formed by a plastic male-female connector installed within the large lanyard loop. The two most common positions for the connector is either in the front on one side or at the top behind the neck. The lanyard loop is easily reformed by inserting one side of the connector into the other.

For flat lanyard material there are two types of connectors used crimp-on and stitch-on. The crimp-on requires no special machinery (only a pair of small pliers). The stitched-on connector is attached to the material using a bar tack sewing machine.

Lanyard Breakaways

Breakaway connectors can be installed on most lanyard materials and the choice of material will in some cases determine how the type of connector and how it will be affixed. For example safety cord lanyards use an adhesive style tube breakaway connector. The ends of the cord are glued into each half of the connector.

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